Crystal Pyramids

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Orgone Energy Generators

Crystal Pyramids 

A Geometric Symbol of Perfection 

  • A Powerful Magnetic Healer
  • A Mesmerizing Magical Art Form
  • A Teacher of Energy & Consciousness
  • A Wonderful Gift for a Loved One

Orgone Energy is live cosmic energy present everywhere. Orgone fields of energy are generated and amplified in perfect geometric form of the Pyramid.

Our artistic hand-crafted crystal pyramids are wonderful gifts for the home or office.

They can be placed to create a strong healing vibration and clear the atmosphere of negative energies, enabling us to awaken the gentle art of living in harmony.

Orgone Energy  is what is also called the Life Force / Chi / Prans and many others, the live cosmic energy of nature that is present everywhere.  The cosmic force is a spontaneously pulsating, mass-free energy that fill the Universe and comes from the Sun in vast quantities. Orgone fields of energy are generated inside the CRYSTAL-PYRAMID structure to channel and ground these higher energies into our lives. The energy moves in the direction of a magnetic field, having a constant motion in an upward tendency.  It will pass through all materials at variant speeds, radiates a great distance and will interact in accordance with the understanding of the user.

Pyramid Power is intrinsic to the pyramid shape which has been proven to function as a geometric accumulator and amplifier of strong energy forces. Placing Quartz Crystals in geometric energy forms within the pyramid, dramatically magnifies the overall energies as they blend together in a unified grid work lattice. The pyramid-crystal synergy waves focus through numerous centres with a concentration in the crystal capstone. This transmuting pyramidal energy manifests a powerful vortex of spiralling healing energies, that will then interrelate with the charkas of the human body.

â€?/B>the fascinating thing about the crystal pyramids is you do not have to believe they will do anything for youâ€?.  over time, it may be subtle changes you may notice or you may have immediate noticeable changes. In any case, they do work with or without your awareness.â€?o:p>


Each pyramid is individually handmade, so no two are identical. This makes each one unique.

Construction of the pyramid is based on the sacred geometries and mathematics of phi ratios formulated from the base through to the apex. Four Quartz Crystals are set in a magnetic cross pointing to each corner of the square based pyramid. These are the point of positive release of energy. THE FOUR GATES OF LIGHT, fountainheads of power.  The capstone crystal positioned upright in the apex is the FIFTH GATE to be perceived as existing within and above these four gates. The pyramidal frequencies generated above are also mirrored below as they form a double pyramid or geometric octahedron that balances and grounds the overall energies. This aligns with our mystic PILLAR OF LIGHT that gathers around the axis of our being, from the base of the spine to the top of our head, melding in the heart centre. Pure white light then passes easily through as energies are united together. A dedicated healer that amplifies and balances the elements to make us whole.


Quartz crystals have a marvellous ability to store, release and regulate energy in the form of light. These crystalline formations are composed of minute atomic structures joined together in perfect unity and harmony. They form a geometrical crystal lattice of subtle vibrations attuned to the cosmic force that emanates, refracts and reflects light. Our entire physical world is created from different variations and combinations of these storms. All the gemstones are carefully polished to transmit the best possible vibratory rate.


Copper as used in all of the pyramids is an excellent conductor that constructively transfers the electrical impulses from the quartz, through the metal spirals, to our etheric web and physical field of energies.


Each Pyramid is :  6 inches x 6 inches x 4 1/2 inches  in size and looks great no matter where it is placed.



Our purpose is to unite with cosmic consciousness by raising our vibrations and radiating our light on the material plane. Our body is an emanating field of energy we can transform by expanding and storing our energy for personal and planetary betterment.  We can attune ourselves to ancient wisdom in the perfect geometric form of the pyramid, which also duplicates the laws of crystal physics and channels high frequency universal energy onto the physical earth plane.

 About the Crystal Pyramids

Our artistic hand-crafted crystal pyramids are wonderful gifts for the home or office, where they can be placed to create a strong healing vibration and clear the atmosphere of negative energies, enabling us to awaken the gentle art of living in harmony. These transformative power pieces are where Earth meets Mind and are to be used wisely for projecting positive humanitarian thoughts.


“Even at the basic level, those of you who understand crystals will understand that there’s a storage modality there. Crystals store frequencies, and frequencies are a language. Frequencies, arranged properly, are the language of Spirit �numbers and cycles. Even the Cosmic Lattice is made up entirely of frequencies. So follow this, because this is new information: The Dragon Energy awakens, and the creators of the Crystalline begin to alter it with the help of humanity. You’re rewriting the information that’s stored in the Crystalline structure of the planet. What are you rewriting? Instructions, perhaps, No. You’re rewriting the history of the planet.�o:p>

                                                                         From Kryon


 Comments from Certified Spiritual Healers

“â€?these pyramids are phenomenal…they are really amazing! So incredibly gorgeous…what beauty and grace…truly exquisite!!! They are powerful energy clearers that make a huge difference in treatment rooms, as well as other places where energies tend to linger…if you could all experience first-hand how fabulous these make you feel when you are around one.â€?J.D.  

“Your pyramids are exquisitely crafted, extraordinarily beautiful, and, at least from my experience, unparalleled in ability to generate energy…the pyramids do precisely what you say they do…and then some…I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. I have a great appreciation for how much time and work goes into making them…quite a labour intensive process…the price is extraordinarily affordable given your incredible care and effort and their effectiveness! You have done a truly wonderful thing in creating these.â€?SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  P.N.

“I want to congratulate you on this creation of yours â€?it is very beautiful. I check out everything intuitively and I must say the crystal pyramids are everything you have said they are in the brochure.â€?SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  A.C.

“I am a healing practitioner and have just purchased two crystal pyramids. They are absolutely beautiful. The energy is very powerful. I thank you for this wonderful addition to my home.â€?SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  M.W.

“My townhouse may soon not require electricity anymore, there is sooo much light! I really thank you for these gifts of creation…each pyramid seems more beautiful than the next…they are truly magical! I appreciate your gifts more and more as more of your works pass through my hands. It gives me great joy to see others connecting with the power of the crystal pyramids and happy to know they are going to good homes. During healing sessions people have felt tremendous clearing and releasing �very powerful energies at work. I am realizing that with every pyramid, the vibration of that home, that city, our planet is raised. Bless you for your gifts.�W.A.



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